DSK Affiliations & Links:

We are affiliated with the ISKF International Shotokan Karate Federation.
For information please visit

ISKF Canada visit
ISKF British Columbia visit
ISKF Alberta visit
ISKF Manitoba visit
ISKF Quebec visit
ISKF Nova Scotia
ISKF New Brunswick
ISKF Western Washington visit
ISKF Colorado visit

In British Columbia Canada visit the following dojos:

ISKF BC Honbu (Headquarters) in Port Moody visit
ISKF North Vancouver visit and
ISKF Port Hardy visit
ISKF Vernon visit
ISKF Vancouver Karate School in Kitsilano visit
ISKF Ridge Meadows Shotokan Karate visit
ISKF West Vancouver Shotokan Karate visit

In Alberta Canada visit the following dojos:

ISKF Calgary visit


We are also members of Karate BC
For information please visit their website

For information on World Karate Federation rules and regulations please visit

Purchase of Karate Equipment at the following locations:
In VANCOUVER:  Mikado Martial Arts Supplies
In SURREY:  Bushido Martials Arts Supplies